Welding courses-MAG, MIG, TIG with German TUV certification

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We offer welding courses - welding shop certified by TUV and Polish Welding Centre of Excellence (25 stands for all welding methods)
If you want to find a job in Germany, Italy, France or in Poland (in foreign owned companies), join our welding courses and obtain German TUV certification (issued in German with additional translation into Polish, English, French).

- Mag 135 (136) method – 1950 zł.
- MIG 131 method (aluminum) – 2300 zł.
- Electric (electrode) 111 method – 1950 zł.
- Oxyacetylene 311 method – 1950 zł.
- TIG 141 method (acid resistant steel) – 2300 zł.
- TIG 141 method (black steel) – 2300 zł.
- TIG 141 method (aluminum) – 2300 zł.

The above prices concern one welding method - if 3 to 7 methods are chosen, the prices are negotiable (starting from 2300 zl per 1 method).

The courses take place also at weekends - accommodation available at about 45zl per night.
We issue invoices in EURO and we have UE tax identification number (NIP).
To see the full course and training offer please visit

"FENIX" Training and Technical Services Centre in Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland) - welding shop at 4 Wiejska Street.
For contact in English call Agnieszka at +48 511 800 321 -,
Polish call Marek at +48 603 338 620

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